My Friend has an Adopted greyhound. 
He is the sweetest most loving Pet
she has even known.

These gentile dogs
appreciate the
Loving Home you give them
& give you  all their Love in return.
   Help the Victims!

Stop maimimg & Killing! 
There are those that fight to preserve the Earth we treasure.
and the abundant Life we see. 

All We need do is visit these Sites every day and click a Button;
and with  Donations from Corporate sponsors  We can:   
The fight for freedom and dignity is always the quest of the Spirit. support these Friends.     Please:  Visit these Sites.
                                                                                                                               Thank You!
This Site:

Donates Land
Yes! People still die of Hunger!       Please CLICK
More Friends:
Be Cause the Earth needs us.
Say Neigh

To Urine Farms
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Help is here for what you Really NEED to know
I am a Proud Member of :
For our Children:
Show your Spirit & make it grow by VOTING
Womans issues are everyones issues.
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Human Rights
are for everyone.
That 's why
they are called
"Human" rights.

Support everyones rights
As the Guardians of this Earth we are responsible to care for it and also protect the other Creatures that share it with us.


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