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The  purpose of Summoning Spirit is to bring guideposts, to the various Paths along the way; of your personal spiritual journey.  Whether you seek a grand "enlightenment", a satisfaction of "curiosity", or simple amusement;  I will try to offer you something here.   We all need to laugh at ourselves as much as we do at others.

I am trying to build a Library of a wide variety of  ideas  on "Alternative Religion". Myth, History, and a range of Occult Writings and Paractice. 
As well as  "New Age" theory and technology.  I have Causes; and Rants; and Gifts for you too.  I am trying to bring you the free things that I have found: helpful, useful and enjoyable on my journies on the Web.
* Wealth of Information  for 
Witchcraft/Pagan Study & interest
* Auras, Chakras, Astral,
  BioRhythms & more
* Runes, Tarot I-Ching & more
  FREE Readings, fortunes
* Zodiac, Planets, Sun Signs Chinese 
  Zodiac  & more FREE Readings,
* Celtic Gods and practices
* Brehon Law, Druid Lore;
  Trees, Ogham & You
* Neo Pagan, Meso Pagan 
  Historical & New Age
* The olde books of Witchcraft
* The Redes, Charges, other
  Wiccan beliefs & texts
* Witches Cats  & Yours, Humor
  Cat Gallery & more Add your Pictures
The OTHER Index:  Good Things
* Awards, Memberships
  Rings & Links
* Strictly Pagan Search Engines,
  Favorite Pagan Links
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  Pagan Information

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