Included are some SPELLS and Rituals I believe you will find usefull; Rituals are to be done after you have Cast your Circle and summoned
your Powers in your usual manner.  ( unless otherwise specified)
(This Ritual is to bring new Beauty, Health and Vitality into your life. it is rather long-and comlex, having Two parts; but the results are worth the effort.)
First;  The Preparations: 

To Release Negetivity:  to be done the Eve of the new Moon (early).

You will have  prepared "negetivity salts" , sacred waters & appropriate incense for your Circle.   You should also have prepared your bed or couch with a clean cover, and cleared that area by burning fresh incense.  At least an Hour befor Circling you should have a Ritual bath; relaxing in warm bath, with negetivity releasing bath salts.  Then you should retire to the couch or bed and lie there and with your eyes closed, air dry, while breathing in your incense and feeling the air around you.  You should relax fully, while you envision  the negetivity flowing from you, draining from the top of your head down your neck, shoulders, arms, hands, fingertips; down your torso, passing through all the parts of your body, slowly, until it goes out of you from your fingertips and heels.  Then you should lie calm and rest a  while before Casting the Circle, as you normally do.

(Remember the position you are going to assume)  standing, facing North; with your arms raised straight up from the sides, palms up, and fingertips  outward, with both cupped hands filled with the "negetivity salts")  you begin standing in the Center of your Circle.

The Ritual:

After you have plied your circle with fresh incense and sprinkled sacred waters; you begin with head and body bowed down to the Goddess.  With both hands scoop the "salts"  from a bowl at the edge of your Circle. You then draw them to you, and raise them slowly, like a flower blossoming to above your head. (there can be music, or chanting if done in Coven) 

You need to fill yourself with the spirit of RELEASE, slowly start turning around towards your left, a little faster, faster;  as you're turning the salts lightly sprinkling over you from your hands.  You may chant these words ; ("Bring me strength, and banish weakness" or Bring us " Then; "O jun nay,  ree kee ah yay; O jun nay,  ree kee ah yay;  "  (or your own Mantra)  "bring me light, and banish darkness"  using health/illness ect.) while spinning around; slowing down when the salts are gone; bending back down to your bow.  end of first part. 

(Many like to do this part of the Ritual every time they cast a Circle to dispell evil influences; in that case; it is not necessary to be on the Eve of the New Moon.)

The Second Part: To receive the Gifts!

Begins on the Morning  following the New Moon, greet the Sun, (outdoors) if you can still see a touch of the Sunrise that is good, 

Raise your arms to the sky outstreatched; turn, as before, feeling the Suns rays going inside you, repeat your chosen chant and add; "Suns healing Rays now begin, to bring new health and beauty pouring in" (feel the pouring in) alternate with your chant at least Three times.  Repeat somewhere near Mid-day, and again before the Sun goes down, as many times as convenient, but at least Three times a Day.  Continue every Day, until the last Day, before the next full Moon.  If it rains; that is wonderful, to add this element; substitute the words "Replenishing Rain" for Sun.  Note; this will only be 14 or 15 Days.  Don't forget to thank the Gods/Goddess for your blessings at your  Full Moon Rite.  
Summoning Lover Ritual
(Note;  this is not to bring a bring a specific named person to you, but to bring the most suitable companion or mate. To try to compell a person to act or do things against his or her Free Will; is considered doing HARM). 

Your area has been prepared by burning "love" incense; and sprinkling Romance Salts and/or petals of sweet flowers; and setting Pink candles at Each of the Four Corners of the circle, just inside the Circle, and Four, Dark Rose, or Maroon colored candles half way between them; so there are Eight in all around the inner edge of your Circle.  You will sit in the center of your Circle: with one shorter (3 wicks is good, but not necessary) Red candle beside you.  You will have oil of Jasmine, Gardenia or Rose Oil in the palm of your Left Hand (when you first visit each candle, you will use the index finger of your Right hand to dab three drops of oil from your left palm to around the wick of each candle.

The Ritual:

You begin in the Center of your Circle, small enough for you to bend and reach the edges.  You first visit the candles, with solemnity, Beginning with the West, and continuing dorsel, (counterclockwise), tapping each/all with the perfumed oil; until you are back to the beginning, then circling the Red candle with your oil. Then you visit the candles again.  First; the West, calling to the Arch angel Raphael, (or your chosen God/ess of the West); to search the Waters and the regions of the West, for your perfect Love; then light your candle. Then to the South, calling on Archangel Uriel, (or ect.) to search the Earth and the Regions of the South to find your perfect mate. Then to the East calling on Archangel Michael (or ect) to go through Fire and search the Regions of the East, for your great passion.  Then to the North, calling Archangel Gabriel, (or ect.) and bidding him to search the heavens and Regions of the North, for your Soul mate; lighting each candle in it's turn.  Then lighting the candles between, one after another ; repeating and adding "all the spirits of the West and South", South and East ect. to "gather together to find the Man/Woman who is meant for me".  Then; finally get to the Red Candle.  And say; "All of you gather together to bring my True Love" (light the candle) ".. and this be the warm hearth of Home, the light of Love, and the Fire of passion, that will never Burn. So be it, 

(Do not forget to thank and dismiss your Spirits.)
When Danger threatens, surround yourself with protection: While concentrating on your Protective Talisman; say or think:

"Pedael, protect me" (pron: "pay- day awl")
Say Three times: or untill fear and danger pass.
To insure a safe journey; or banish malevelent travel influences for Yourself or; for Friends or Relatives as they are departing; (Prepare a Sachet of protective powders- to keep with you, or tuck into their belongings)  as you do this; say or think; Three times "Susabo, stay with me/you  on  my/your  journey " (pron. "soo- sah bo"):
Note: the previous Two spells were in a Book I found 30+
Years ago with :"Secret Keys"  parts were missing & I don't
know the Author or Title. (if anyone does Please E-Mail Me).
Take the largest denomination Bill you can afford, seal it in a Green, or Yellow Gold colored envelope; (after dusting it with Money or Prosperity Powder or Salts); and carry it with you for Seven Days. 

As often as you can, but at least Three times a Day, during those Seven Days take it out; first; rub it between both palms, then place it against your forehead, then rub it between your palms again.  While doing this envision the uses for the money and how much you need, say to yourself: 
          "Occult Powers to me shall bring, the way to double this sum,
          hear me golden Cherebrum that sing, quickly and softly come"

Repeat three times; end of  7 Days, then, unseal the money and add to your other money.  (if you need to repeat the spell, use a different bill)   You must not forget to be on the lookout for the opportunities this Spell is sure to bring to you. 
This old standby Spell, uses a new Silver Dollar (or gold piece, if you can get one, is even better.)  This must be done on a night when the Waxing Moon is large and bright. 

Fill a large dark bowl or cauldron with water. (I love using my Cauldron for this spell)  Place so that the moonlight shines on the water.  Symbolically  scoop the water like you are scooping up the Moon's treasures.   Saying:

          "Lovely Lady of the Moon, bring to me your wealth and boons,
          Fill my hands with silver and gold, give me all my purse can hold"
       (Juniper Berry Spell)
          Similar "Path" spells are used with rose petals and other flowers. 
          But; (Juniper berries are best known to bring Love.)

Collect a sizable amount of 'berries", Sprinkle Romance/Love Powder all through them; keep them in open container, by your hearth or other warm place (under your bed is good) for a Month; during an entire Luner cycle.  Then;  Take the berries to where appropriate Men/Women might be found.  Then dropping the berries. intermittently, making a path back TO your door.  (this MUST NOT be done in Reverse, from your Door).  You may make several paths that converge before they reach your abode.  Saying:  "From the warmth of my hearth, where love begins, out to the world and back again; Path of Fate, for all to see; bring your passions forth, and love to me." as you go.  Ending inside your door with:   "So mote it be".

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This is old standby:  Cast a Circle of Protection entirely around your home, business, whatever, using  a Large Wand; sprinkling protective Salts towards the inside as you go.  Afterwards seal each door with a pentagram drawn with your finger, dipped in the protective powder or salt above each entrance; while Calling upon the five Powers to protect the abode.  Saying the names you have for the Powers you call and asking" each Power: of Water, of Earth, Air, Fire and Spirit protect this place from forces of their Realm; and to keep Evil from these midst. . . .   So be it "
First the Priest goes among the comgregation and the Censer is carried behind him dispensing the incense among the participants, while the Priest blesses the participants by sprinkling holy water amongst them.  a bowl or basket containing pieces of chalk, prepared for the occasion are blessed by the Priest.  The chalk is passed out to the participants to take home to use for blessing their own homes.  they do so by enscribing over each entrance with the chalk the Roman Numerals for the New Year
Note: this is a Catholic Ritual performed on New Years Day to Bless the Home for the New Year.
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What is the difference?
Summoning Spirit

Should be done in seclusion; in a special, Sacred consecrated place; at the proper time, and with certain ceremony followed, to appeal to particular responding Powers or Entities, after specific preparation, for the individual task or boon you seek. 
Some Notes:

Some special ingredients mentioned, will be included in my Recipes.

Also; Regarding the MOON:  The precise moment that the Moon becomes Full; it begins to Wane; and any full Moon Rite or Ritual continued after that point carries with it the seeds of negetivity.  so in many cases the effect does not last.  The same goes for when the Moon reaches its darkest peak and it begins to Wax.  For this reason  I sometimes like to do these Rites on the Eve before the Peak, sacrificing the xtra power for the lasting effect, 

{ this is  MY opinion; others disagree wanting maximum power }.
What is the difference?

A Charm can be a talisman or amulet or physical object charged with certain beneficial energy; To protect someone or bring them good luck in certain circumstances.  But a person can make or do, a charm for somebody (spell) for protection; and send that protection withthem without using any physical object.

Generally can be done anywhere  (although power objects, or Potions ect. used in some Spells, may have required Ritual preparation, or consecration.)  They can sometimes be done descretely in the presence of others without their knowing.


Some Notes:

Some special ingredients mentioned, will be included in my Recipes.

Also; Regarding the MOON:  The precise moment that the Moon becomes Full; it begins to Wane; and any full Moon Rite or Ritual continued after that point carries with it the seeds of negetivity.  so in many cases the effect does not last.  The same goes for when the Moon reaches its darkest peak and it begins to Wax.  For this reason  I sometimes like to do these Rites on the Eve before the Peak, sacrificing the xtra power for the lasting effect, 

{ this is  MY opinion; others disagree wanting maximum power }.