Summoning Spirit
  The Charge of the (Dark) God

Listen to  the words of the Horned God,
the Guardian of all things wild and free, 
Keeper  of the  Gates of  Death,
whose Call we all must Heed:

I am the fire within your Heart,
The yearning of your Soul.
I,  Hunter of Knowledge,  Seeker of the Holy Quest
I, who stand in the darkness, am He whom you call Death.

I,  the Consort and Mate of Her whom we adore,
Beconed  forth to Thee,
To learn the secrets of Death and Peace,
come thou unto me.

I am corn at harvest and fruit on the trees.
I am He who leads you home.
With Scourge and Flame, Blade and Blood,
these are mine own gifts to thee.

Call unto me in the forest wild and hilltop bare,
and seek me in the Darknest Niight.
I, who have been called;
Pan, Hades, Hermes & Osiris Bright
Speak to thee in thy search, Come to dance and sing;
come live and love; behold this is worshiping.
I,  thy Father. You are my children. On swift night wings,
it is I who lay you at the Mother's feet;
to be reborn and to return again to seek .

Know me,  I am the untamed wind,
the fury of storm.
Seek me with pride and humility,
and passion in your Soul.
Hear my call on long Winter nights ;
and we shall together guard Earth as She sleeps.
Best seek Ye with love and strength.
My Path, I heed s not the weak.

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      Invocation to Cernunnos

Great God Cernunnos,  come return to Earth again!
Come at my call,  to show thyself once more to men.

Shepherd of Goats, upon the wild hill's way,
lead thy lost flock from darkness, unto day.

Open then the door, that has no key,
where through the door of dreams, men come to thee.

Forget the ways of sleep in spiritless night.
Men seek for him, whose eyes the stars bring them the sight.

Shepherd of Goats,  O answer unto me!

Akhera goiti! KataRhum! Athere beil!
           Ode to Pan
                  (Macedonius: 6th century A.D.)

Daphnis, I that piped so rarely,
I that guarded well the fold,
'Tis my trembling hand that fails me;
I am weary, I am old.

Here my well-worn crook I offer
unto Pan the shepherd's friend;
Know ye, I am old and weary;
of my toil I make an end!

Yet I still can pipe it rarely,
still my voice is clear and strong;
Very tremulous in body,
nothing tremulous in song.

Only let no envious goatherd
tell the wolves upon the hill
That my ancient strength is wasted,
lest they do me grievous ill.

Dedication to Pan
Macedonius: 6th century A.D. 

To Pan and the Dryads here
I dedicate my hunting spear,
My dog,
the bag that holds my store;
I am too poor to offer more!

Nay, but my dog I cannot spare!
He must return my crusts to share,
My daily rambles to attend,
My little comrade and my friend.
To the Horned God
Charge of the Horned God

Listen to the words of the Horned God, who was of old called amongst men:  Pan, Dispater, Hores, Cernunnos, Hades, Set, Odin, Charon, and by many other names.
I, Keeper of the Gates of Death, whose call all must answer, am the Gentle Hunter, the Stag Horned Lord of the woodlands, guardian of all things wild and free.

I am the protector of all which has been created by the Beautiful Lady.  Look upon the earth, and in the sky and behold the stages of My life.  Come unto me and learn the secrets of death and peace.  I am He who leads you home. Scourge and Flame, Blade and Blood, these are Mine and my gifts to thee.

Call unto Me in the forest wild and on hilltop bare and seek me in the darkness bright.  Worship Me in the songs upon your tongues, and in your hearts, as you listen to the wind
of My pipes. 

Worship Me in all acts of love, acts of the heart, and acts
of flesh.  For in this way, did I first bestow worship unto the Lady. Look upon Me and behold the viral consort.

I am He who gives strength to Her creatures.  I am the fire within your heart, the yearning of your Soul.  I am the Lord of Death, of transformation, who gives new opportunity by cutting away the old. 

In My worship, understand that death is not final, for death is for Me, a rebirth.  Thus am I the Sacrificial King, giving of Myself that I may grow anew.  Yet be ever mindful, that to embrace me in love, to gain of my strength, to dance to my music, is to embrace change.
Mine is the voice in the winds, and in the sounds of creatures.  Mine is the passion in the hearts of humans. Seek for Me in your hearts.  Thou who thinks to seek Me, know that I am the untamed wind, the fury of storm and passion in your Soul. 

Seek me with pride and humility, but seek me best with love and strength.  For this is my path, and I love not the weak and fearful. Behold, in Me is found the desire which leads to the Gentle Mother.

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