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<--  AJNA Chakra
<--  -- -- -- -- ANAHATA Chakra
<--  -- -- --- MANIPURA Chakra
<--  -- -- -- -- -- -- MULADHARA  Chakra
<-- - -- --SRADHISTANA Chakra
<--  -- --SAHASRARA Chakra
<--  -- -- -- -- ANAHATA Chakra
<--  -- - - VISHUDLHA  Chakra
<--  -- --SAHASRARA Chakra
<--  AJNA Chakra
<--  -- -- -- -- -- -- MULADHARA  Chakra
<--  -- -- --- MANIPURA Chakra
<-- - -- --SRADHISTANA Chakra
<--  -- - - VISHUDLHA  Chakra
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Seven  Major  Chakra (energy centers).

Chakra is the Sanscrit word for Circles; and describes innerconnected energy centers in alignment with the spinal cord. Although there are considered to be Fourty Nine such psychic centers of power. I am just listing the Hands & Feet Chakra, along with the "Greater" centers: referred to as the Seven Major Chakra.  Starting with the Base & Root Chakra and working up; there can be  a perfect union between the Physical and the Spiritual being. 
MULADHARA  Root Chakra/Base Chakra: (Element Earth) is located at the root or base of the spine. The color Red represents root chakra. However; it is considered to be growing out of a deeper Base, which is
( Black, the combining of all colours.) It is Considered to be the center of inner tranquility.  function is that of grounding and beginnings. As the base of all chakras it is associated with Passion, Vitality, Survival, Self-Preservation, Prosperity, and Health, family beliefs and ideals.

SRADHISTANA  Lumbar/Spleen Chakra: (Element Water) Located directly behind the genitals. The color is  associated with this center is Orange. A center of personal power and balance, Enthusiasm and clear feeling. Movement; affects emotion and sexual energies, infertility, and frigidity.  Problems here can include: sexual problems, lower back, and uterine problems.

MANIPURA  Solar Plexus/Belly Chakra:  (Eelement Fire) Located half way between the navel and the chest. The color for this center is Yellow. Its function or identity is to regulate the body's life force (energy system). Self empowerment; mental in nature.  It rules the intellectual aspects.  In addition; problems here can cause digestive concerns, diabetes, eating disorders, and ulcers.

ANAHATA  Heart Chakra: (Element Air), Located near the heart. Green fo Physical & Pink for Spiritual is the color for this center. Its function or identity is love and healing. This is the Power source for the human body and connects with Oneness, caring, and the affinity of Mind and Body to bring deep everlasting love and peace. It represents the point of compassion, balance, love, and self esteem. Crucial to the seeker through; your Heart chakra you will meet your spiritual guides & teachers. Problems that are affected by constraint in this center are heart attack, depression, poor blood pressure, and a lack of emotion.

VISHUDIHA  Throat Chakra: (Element Air/sound) Located in the throat. The color is Blue for this center. This center covers self expression, communication skills, and inspiration: song and all artistic pursuits.  This is the "face" you show to the World, The colour is Blue for this center. This center must be "tuned" for clarity in communication. Can also  effect colds, sore throats, and  thyroid,

AJINA Third Eye/Brow Chakra: (Element Ether/Heavens) Located in the center of the forehead. This center allows you to penetrate the veil, see future events, Auras.  It affects vision, intuition, and imagination, reasoning and ideas. It is our connection to our spiritual will. It's colour is Indigo. Problems that can occur are headache, eyesight, colds, and a lack of concentration.

SAHASRAVA  Crown Chakra: (Element Ether/Spirit) Located on the top of the head. This center connects us with our spiritual nature and higher planes of consciousness. For spiritual truth or the divine to become part of our intuitive lives. It controls our inspiration, wisdom, enlightment, and spirituality and where the sense of unity & wholeness of all things exist.  It's primary colour is Violet, but it houses the "all knowing source" which gathers the manifestations from the "Third Eye" . Basks the Spirit in Golden White Light. If this centre is blocked, it can effect your perception, of good & evil, can affect migraines, physical exhaustion, tumours, and low self esteem.

In Addition:

The Hands Chakra: Located at the center point between Thumb and Index Fingers. They direct the mechaical means of directing energy, as in Healing.  colour varies from Orange to Blue during Healing.  Cold hands signify some blockage.

The Feet Chakra: Located at the center of the top cure of the arch of the Foot. Helps maintain connections to the Earth's energy.  Shown the colour of the Earth.  Feeling of dislocation or Cold feet, signify blockage.

Seven  Major  Chakra (energy centers).
Third Eye
1st Chakra (MULADHARA) Root Chakra:
Incense: Cedar. Flower Essence: Corn, Clematis, Rosemary.
Gem/Crystal association is: Hematite, Black Tourmaline, Lodestone, Bloodstone, Garnet, Onyx, Ruby, Smoky Quartz.
You can manage and maintain the Health and energy of these Chakras through Yoga, Meditation and other techniques. There are associated incense and Gemstones that help and Aid in releasing and transferring energies through and from the various Chakra. 

I have provided some suggestions below:
7th SAHASRAVA  Crown Chakra:
Incense: Lotus. Flower Essence: Lotus, Angelica, Tulip.
Gem/Crystal association is: Amber, Diamond, Moldavite, Clear Quartz, Amethyst.
6th  AJINA Brow Chakra:
Incense: Mugwort. Flower Essence: Wild Oat and Queen Anne's Lace.
Gem/Crystal association is: Sapphire, Turquoise, Amethyst, Purple Flourite.
5th VISHUDIHA Throat Chakra:
Incense: Frankincense. Flower Essence: Cosmos and Trumpet Vine.
Gem/Crystal association is: Lapis, Blue Opal, Chrysocola, Aquamarine, Turquoise.

4th ANAHATA Heart Chakra
Incense: Lavender or Jasmine. Flower Essence: Holly,  
Poppy, and Wild Rose.
Gem/Crystal association is: Malachite, Emerald, Rose Quartz.
2nd Chakra SRADHISTANA  Spleen Chakra:
Incense: Gardenia. Flower Essence: Hibiscus.
Gem/Crystal association is: Garnet, Orange Tourmaline, Peach Moonstone, Hematite. 
3rd Chakra MANIPURA Belly Chakra:
Incense: Carnation. Flower Essence: Chamomile, Peppermint, and Golden Yarrow.
Gem/Crystal association is: Jasper, Yellow Tourmaline, Citrine, Amber, Golden Topaz.
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