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What is an AURA? It is a part of your Physical Body.  Yes! Physical.

What  we see, Scientists tell us, has to do with how the light is reflected
off an object.
  When it is dark we can't see anything, or if the light passes through the Object, then it is invisible to us. You can tell that when you look around you.  You don't see the air.  But then; when the room is darker and a shaft of light shines in, then we can see all the little particles floating around. You don't see them, but they are there."

Physical things have different properties: energy, magnetism, heat ect.  Which can be seen in different kinds of light.  Our bodies contain all kinds of energy, Physical; and some say spiritual. These energies or
we can feel and sometimes see, if we train ourselves.  You can
learn to see Auras.
  You need to practice using different kinds of light. You also need to see, from within,  from your Psychic centre; or Third Eye.  So relax, put yourself in the right frame of mind and know what
you are
looking for.
TheAura looked for?  Is is a kind of Energy, or Magnetic force that
surrounds our body
Some call this the Auric layer. Is generated from within.  Our whole being is not contained in a shell, our skin, like we once believed, but extends out and interchanges with the external
enviornment. The
Aura is manifested by a kind of glow, or Halo effect.
It is comprised of many layers that extend several feet around us.
Although we can
hardly ever see them all.

Some say these layers are generated from energy centers within our Body called Chakra's and that the colours seen relate to these energy centres. (see Chakra's)  and that the physical, mental and emotional states of Being are reflected by the colours and changes
colours we see. Many Psychic Healers, working with the same
individual can tell health
or injury by the changes they observe.
You can begin in a darkened room with a soft glow of light, Look at
your hand.  you can
almost always see a fuzzyness or soft glow.  No it is not bad vision, or a reflection. Learn to look, I like to lay naked on my bed after a bath I can see the glow of different colours around the different parts of my body.  It's difficult at first, but after practice you can see colours.  Some colours seem stronger than others.  Different people eminate colors differently, and observers see them differently, 
based on the interaction between the two.
Auras are so real you can take pictures of them. But; we can still only
partly understant
so we can evaluate the meaning imparted to us in the Aura.

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